Agfa ePhoto CL30 Clik! review

Started Jun 28, 2001 | User reviews
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Agfa ePhoto CL30 Clik! review

This camera was purchased by the company I work for for a specific purpose, and one of the prime requirements was for good, cost effective storage capacity. This is met superbly by utilising the Clik disc, but the software to access the camera's internal drive is flaky to say the least.
Photo quality is fine for the purpose we use the camera, and the time taken for images to be written to the disc is OK, and it's quite easy to use too.


Battery life is attrocious, and really needs to be used with the AC power supply, which is not always available. On average, a new set of Duracell 'Ultra' AAs will run the camera for around 7 shots before giving up the ghost.
The switches on the rear of the camera are very flimsy, and are very easily knocked when the camera is put back into it's case, which will very rapidly destroy the batteries.
Downloading images is very traumatic, as the software from Iomega seems to cause all sorts of problems with Windows 98.

Agfa ePhoto CL30 Clik!
1 megapixels • 1.8 screen • 43 mm
Announced: Sep 22, 1999
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