Olympus D-400 Zoom (C900Z) review

Started Jul 21, 2001 | User reviews
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Olympus D-400 Zoom (C900Z) review

I've owned this camera since 1997. For the past 4 years it has been my steady companion around the world. Considering it was one of the early megapixel point-and-shoot cameras, it still holds it's own today in terms of image quality and features. The main drawbacks are the slow come-ready time, serial downloads (slow slow slow!!), a flash that makes things too blue, and flimsy doors over the i/o ports. The finger grip on the sliding lens cover tends to get hung up when I try and get the camera out of my pocket. I would not think of buying a camera without a 3x or higher zoom either.


The sliding cover/power arrangement finally quit working and it is in for service (thanks to extended warranty). The workings of the cover and lens always seemed a little quirky. Once closed or open though, I liked how the lens was deployed or protected.

Olympus D-400 Zoom (C900Z)
1 megapixels • 1.8 screen • 35 – 105 mm (3×)
Announced: Nov 2, 1998
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