Agfa ePhoto 1280 review

Started Oct 11, 2001 | User reviews
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Agfa ePhoto 1280 review

I purchased the camera May 1999 for only 4990.-ATS, that's about $330. Very good is the swivel lens design.
January 2001, the camera survived 1.5m down from the tripod to stone ground. But in September 2001, the monitor of the camera did not survive when my 3 year old doughter stumbled with the camera.

I just purchased for $150 an other AGFA 1280 for my doughter that she can continue to learn how to make photos.

Annoying is only the software from AGFA. At every program start, the AGFA software occupies the JPG ending. When downloading pictures, after each picture the AGFA software changes it's window to the top. Very annoying since downloading 30 pictures from the 4 MB card takes about 15 minutes where I would like to work with other programs without being interrupted all the time by the AGFA software poping on top of all windows.

I will purchase next a Nikon 995


The AGFA software does not work correct together with the graphics card of my new notebook. No chance to get an update of the software because AGFA does not give any support

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