Fujifilm MX-500 review

Started Nov 28, 2001 | User reviews
JOHN PETTIFOR New Member • Posts: 15
Fujifilm MX-500 review

Owned this camera for about two years now, and It hasn't let me down once, easy to use, and returns the brightest sharpest pic's I have seen with out adjustment on some other camera's even at more pixels use.
Macro's are fantastic, and landscapes are best, dull lighting needs adjustment.
Love the shutter over lense, something when I was buying was inportant, also th efact it uses normal batteries, when travelling you cannot get to a plug socket sometimes, but batteries can be found even in the depths of India or Peru...


Slightly bulky, slow serial download, no optical zoom

Fujifilm MX-500
1 megapixels • 1.8 screen • 35 mm
Announced: Sep 25, 1998
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