Kodak DCS420 review

Started Jan 2, 2002 | User reviews
911harley New Member • Posts: 8
Kodak DCS420 review

Brought one home for $650 with a AF 28mm (wide angel lens) great value for the $, the only thing you have to know how to use PhotoShop or you are in troubles, this Camera only records the imgaes in RAW tiff formats.


the batteries are so old that they won't hold the charge, kodak does not sell them anymore, so I used a quantum 5+ externally, no biggy. had a little poblems getting drivers for Windows XP, but ended up writing them, will post them on the site when they are complete...

Kodak DCS420
2 megapixels • 1″ sensor
Announced: Mar 1, 1994
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