Casio QV-8000SX review

Started Jan 10, 2002 | User reviews
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Casio QV-8000SX review

I also own this camera. Indeed, it is a good camera, if there is a way to upgrade to 2 or 3 megapixels, I will keep this camera forever. It does produce good images for web pages and e-mails. I am debating whether to buy a 4 megapixel Cannon G2 or Casio QX4000 use for printing.
Go to Casio's web page, they sell an LCD hood and lens filters. The price is very reasonable.


Can't see the LCD out door

Casio QV-8000SX
1 megapixels • 2.5 screen • 40 – 320 mm (8×)
Announced: Jul 20, 1999
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