Pentax EI-200 review

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Pentax EI-200 review

After 20 years of 35 mm photography, I was looking for a digital with quality and features - Pentax came through. I've shot 2500 pictures in Europe and in the US over the past 8 months with this camera - and it is outstanding for a 2.11 M Pixel Camera. The Flash features, focus metering, and many other menu items must be studied (use manual focus for night shots!) - but with very little practice it is a very easy to use camera. Sepia tone option is also fun. HP Technology and Pentax Optics and Function - an outstanding combination.


Initially, not understanding the requirement for long-charging the batteries (Nickel H must be charged for a very long time initially) caused belief that you must own a stockpile of batteries - which isn't really the case. Also when batteries run low - replace them out immediately (as well as the flash card) to avoid photo corruption (occurs mostly with alkalines). Occasionally, the lense cover sticks open (auto lense cover) and clatters on start-up. Happens rarely (cleared by shutting the camera off and turning it back on). Pentax needs to come out with a 5 M Pixel version!!! (5-7x zoom would be nice also).

Pentax EI-200
2 megapixels • 2 screen • 34 – 108 mm (3.2×)
Announced: Feb 3, 2000
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