Olympus D-460 Zoom review

Started Jan 25, 2002 | User reviews
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Olympus D-460 Zoom review

I bought this camera in the spring of 2000 and still using it
today. I've taken over 8000 photos, in all types of conditions. I left the camera outside for 2 days once and recovered it on the morning of the 3rd day covered with moisture. Had no problems with it after this. At an airshow
a helecopter landed close by and threw up dirt while flaring,
the camera was basically sandblasted and filled with grit.After cleaning out with compressed air, other than a very small chip in the lens she worked fine. The camera is very rugged and very convenient.2 sets of NiMH rechargeable batteries from Radio Shack is all I've ever used
in the camera.


This past month, when I take out the Smartmedia card the camera beeps until I put it back in. No effect on operation of the camera. Probably Helecopter grit in unit.

Olympus D-460 Zoom
1 megapixels • 1.8 screen • 35 – 105 mm (3×)
Announced: Feb 8, 2000
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