Sony Mavica FD-87 review

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Sony Mavica FD-87 review

Ive owned my camera for about 6 months now. Throughout, ive seen the very goods and the very bads about this camera.

id like to list a few pros and cons on this camera by sony

pros -

1) uses floppy disks (which is good cause until i got my memory stick adapter, i shot 64o x 48o, but if you want to go 1o24 x 768, then it only carries 10 to a disk)

2) battery life runs about 90 minutes, which is good unless your up in the mountains

3) nice features such as negative imaging, sepia and black and white. you can even adjust flashes and white balances (its very helpful!!)


1) very big (i went to disneyland and had to carry it in a small bag the whole time so it didnt fall off during any rollercoasters...i wish i was able to put it in my pockets instead)

2) image quality (instead of making a file size bigger, it compresses the quality. so i started shooting bigger pictures, which of course upped the resolution of the pictures)

3) time between shots (when you take a pic *with memory stick* @ 1o24 x 768, it takes about 7 seconds to write, before you can take another. thats what sucks about having external removable media...but hey it works)

here is a archive of photos taken all with my fd-87

in the mt. charleston archive, you will see that some pictures have a very low quality (because it was compressed)

but then if you see some taken @ 1o24 x 768 (around the end of the year 01), then you can see that image quality has been raised (along with kb file size :b)

this is a very good camera. i wasnt too happy about paying $5oo for it but it works. and the tracer effects are superb (which i had to learn on my own, no thanx to sony help line)

if you dont mind carrying a camera thats a little big, then buy it!!! it truely is a good buy, and youll use it a lot (heck, i have over 13oo pictures on the net hehehe)


read above about eveeerything

Sony Mavica FD-87
1 megapixels • 2.5 screen • 39 – 117 mm (3×)
Announced: Feb 9, 2001
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