Sony Cyber-shot DSC-D770 review

Started Mar 24, 2002 | User reviews
HamyDeez Junior Member • Posts: 39
Sony Cyber-shot DSC-D770 review

Wow, I cannot emphasize how much I like this camera. It has a great slr feel. The Manual Focusing Ring and Zoom ring are the best thing about this camera. You can take toal control over your shots. Though it only has a 1.5 mp sensor, it takes awsome shots. Full aperture priority. This camera lets me totally and fully adjust teh depth of field, letting me take awsome sports and nature photos. ALSO this camera is SO great, it takes nearly ALL forms of removable storage. Including PC card memory. I currently have a 160 mb pccard and a 128 CF card and the NP550 battery still has a bunch of power left after i have filled them up.


The only thing(s) i did not enjoy about this camera was its Slow and weak Auto Focus .. but hey, that's why they put that nice big manual focus ring on there Also I wish it would have a better sensor (4 or 5 mp), a Better ISO range, and a more vast shuuter speed range (30 sec, bulb, - 1/10000) would be nice. other than that. AWSOME CAMERA!!

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-D770
1 megapixels • 2.5 screen • 28 – 140 mm (5×)
Announced: Jun 30, 1999
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