Casio QV-4000 review

Started Apr 16, 2002 | User reviews
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Casio QV-4000 review

Good Points:
Image quality, Loads of features (including Manual), Easy access of features (Menu's not required much), Best Shots (quick presets).

Bad Points:
Monitor can be difficult to read in direct sunlight. Seems to be the same with almost all Digital Cameras though.

General Comments:
I spent about one month looking at reviews of EVERY camera in the 3-4 Megapixel range. Using and comments here I decided to go for one that had a combination of the most features, good picture quality, some sort of simpleton feature (Best Shot Mode) and the ability to accept extra lenses.

The Best Shot Mode of the 3500 and 4000 shows little pics on the monitor that give example shots. Find the one you want and the camera handles all the settings. This is great for beginners and when you save your images to the PC it can store them with HTML pages that show what setting were used. An excellent way to learn photography. You can even create you own Best Shots.

The resolution is great and although I work as a programmer I was still very impressed with the quality. You can change (manually or automatically) the saturation, colour filter, EV compensation, White balance etc.etc. too.

The qv-3500 with microdrive was VERY tempting but I decided that storage could be upgraded in time but the camera couldn't (without buying a new one) so I went for the 4000. It has more controls on the outside of the camera ala SLR style which means you don't have to go through those menus

You can preview the last image snapped and delete it with the flick of a button. It may not sound like much but it's these little things that make it a dream.

The 4000 also comes with batteries and charger which was a bonus because you can easily pay £20 for them. I was surprised at how long the re-chargable batteries lasted too. I tried Duracell Ultra M3 alkaline (whilst I was charging the Casio ones) and they only lasted for about an hour or two!! I've now bought another set of re-chargables - it's a safe bet!

All in all - Get it now. My friend has the Coolpix 885 that I'd also looked at but I have no regrets.

Casio QV-4000
4 megapixels • 1.8 screen • 34 – 102 mm (3×)
Announced: Jun 22, 2001
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