Olympus C-4040 Zoom review

Started Apr 28, 2002 | User reviews
Peter Maragelis Junior Member • Posts: 28
Olympus C-4040 Zoom review

Got this camera for just under 1000 euros and I think its abit high priced but dont forget its a 4mp camera.
After searching days and nights mainly on this sight I decided on the c4040 and g2 after holding the 4040 it just felt right, after 3 months I have this to say.
I really dont regret getting the 4040 over the g2 much lighter, faster lens etc etc...
Love the point and shoot (p) program.
Love the Apature program (a) program
Good colors. Good macro mode. Love the flash.
Taken over 1000 pics and actually deleted very few.
Have to admit I am very new to DC's
WB is good even in low light. AF in low light is very good actually focesed in almost complete darkness.
Overall I love this gadgit It fits nicely in my hand and I have it always with me wherever I go.
Dont need to carry drivers around to download pics at any PC. USB sees camera as HDD.
Very good batterie life can go about 400 pics and I always use the LCD(5 days) with a set of 4 AA gp nimh 1800mA.(and the price of 4 AAs are much cheaper then ....And can find them anywhere.)
Menu system is great even my wife likes it.

And for those who dont know much on photography just turn the knob to P and shoot.(The Pics are great)

I really recommend this dc to anyone who is thinking on this one.(Seeing as you are reading this review you have read the preview and liked this DC , so go and get it you will love it)
See my first pics right out of the box.

Ps These gadgits have high pression electronics so if something goes wrong in the first 48h its Normal, you are just unlucky. I am a computer engineer and I have noticed, If something keeps working after 48h it will work forever (if well looked after).
So to those of you how say keep away from this DC keep in mind nothing in this world is perfect.


CA are bad but not to throw this camera out the window.
Noise on the lens, sometimes think the lens is going to fallout.
Would like to see OLYM upgrade the mem card to 32-64 mb.(Canon and Nikon have, whats wrong OLYMPUS)
Some hot pixels at 16" even with NR on.
LCD The pics look good but when downloaded Look different.(darker)

Olympus C-4040 Zoom
4 megapixels • 1.8 screen • 35 – 105 mm (3×)
Announced: Jun 20, 2001
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