Olympus C-3030 Zoom review

Started Jun 6, 2002 | User reviews
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Olympus C-3030 Zoom review

Got mine about 6 months ago -- writing June 2002.
Solidly built but a bit heavy.

This is a very versatile camera, with heaps of functions that one could have some serious fun with. I found my outdoor shots (esp. nature) improved dramatically when using the outdoor white balance setting. Great, very sharp, clear, orthodox pictures most of the time.

I found it fairly easy to learn to use -- common sense and the odd lookup in the easy-to-follow manual helped when I didn't understand how to perform certain functions.

The extra features like a cordless remote control with zoom and good quality movie with mono sound were a nice bonus.

I got mine second hand, but would've paid full price for it without a doubt.


Only allows for panorama shots on an Olympus-brand Smart Media card.

The new model (C3040) replaces this one's fairly cheap lens that causes purple artefacts on edges that are black on white.

Like all Digis in its class, it has major problems in low light. The blacks and greys get all mixed up, washed-out, and over-simplified to a horid JPEG-compressed sea of patchy grey.

The lens makes a horrible sound.

If you leave the cap on and then turn the camera on, it'll make a grinding noise and seize up-- really got me worried a couple of times. Nevertheless once I learnt not to do that anymore, it's been fine.

A minus for the pincushion effect conspicuous at wide-angle. The plastic around the end of the lens actually has little cuts on each of the four corners-- this makes it possible to see a full picture at telescopic-- seems a corner was cut on this obvious design fault if you ask me.

Some of the menus that I happen to use often are hidden away, which can be a pain.

There could be a better way for it to remember one's settings -- mine have been forgotten on more than one occasion. Might be a battery problem.

Olympus C-3030 Zoom
3 megapixels • 1.8 screen • 32 – 96 mm (3×)
Announced: Jan 27, 2000
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