Fujifilm FinePix A101 review

Started Jun 13, 2002 | User reviews
Michael Buck New Member • Posts: 2
Fujifilm FinePix A101 review

My first "real" digital camera, purchased in Nov. 2001. Have used extensively in many conditions. Works best outdoors in moderate to strong light, but will take fair indoor shots with some experimentation with flash/lighting combinations. Some lag between shots. Poor to moderate on battery consumption. Overall it has exceeded my expectations handily, and is a tremendous value for the price. I recently have upgraded to a high resolution camera, but would buy this camera again without a second thought for the purposes it serves. Clarity and definition are outstanding relative to its class of cameras. Software and USB connection download very quickly and flawlessly.


Took some adjustment to get used to delays between shots - seems to wait until image is written to media before allowing the next picture to be taken. Some variances related to light conditions as mentioned, but most can be overcome or minimized with experimentation.

Fujifilm FinePix A101
1 megapixels • 1.6 screen • 36 mm
Announced: Aug 23, 2001
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