Pentax Optio 330 review

Started Jul 10, 2002 | User reviews
Eugene D New Member • Posts: 7
Pentax Optio 330 review

serious battery life issues

I recently got the camera (brand new) and like it very much. It's metal body looks and feels great, has a lot of features including manual controls and very easy to navigate menu interface. However, I have a serious battery life problem because I can only take 18 pictures before the battery is depleted! ( using LCD screen, w/ about 50% taken with flash in warm temperatures) I doubt that this is usual for a brand new and fully charged battery. Also, the camera gets very hot, very quickly on its left side next to the flash. I am thinking that may be this is what causes the battery to deplete so quickly. Does anyone else have the same problem with overheating on the left side or is this normal?


battery life
overheating on left side

Pentax Optio 330
3 megapixels • 1.6 screen • 37 – 111 mm (3×)
Announced: May 29, 2001
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