Olympus D-460 Zoom review

Started Aug 6, 2002 | User reviews
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Olympus D-460 Zoom review

I've owned this camera for about 2 years and overall I'd say it’s excellent. The truth is that I keep looking for reasons to buy a new camera and in terms of picture quality I simply can't justify it. I have a friend with a Nikon 995 (3.3 meg pix) who has to cut his pictures down to my size (1.3) to make them viewable on the web sites he posts to; so what’s the point? Well, I suppose printing - but I don't print, I e-mail.
Recently I used two Minolta cameras for a week, the Dimage X (2.1) and the F100 (4.0). Both were disappointments, especially when using the flash indoors. I took the same picture with the F100 and the 460 in a bar and the 460 was clearly superior. The Minolta gave the flesh tones a reddish color which I couldn’t completely remove.

It’s not perfect (see below) but still very impressive. Another camera I like is the Olympus S100/110/200. Less zoom but smaller.


The ergonomics are silly. You can get used to them but other cameras are much more sensible. I’m talking about viewing the pictures after taking them or turning the display on while taking a picture. Not a big deal because picture quality is the most important thing.

The second most important thing is portability. This camera is not all that small or light for a point and shoot. The Canon s100 series is much better in that regard.

Download speed is bad using the serial connection. Teaches you patience though, which is good

The camera broke within the warranty period. The serial connection on the camera stopped working. I don’t think it was my fault. It’s been fine since it was repaired.

I’ve been very pleased with this machine. One day I’ll replace it, but not yet.

Olympus D-460 Zoom
1 megapixels • 1.8 screen • 35 – 105 mm (3×)
Announced: Feb 8, 2000
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