Olympus D-600L review

Started Aug 13, 2002 | User reviews
Ian Yates Senior Member • Posts: 1,840
Olympus D-600L review

Suprisingly still using this camera today. Love the SLR type viewfinde, which I miss dearly on my Uzi. A great backup camera which has served me well over the years. My wife uses it when we go out together. Not really come across the battery usage problem. Got a 46mm generic lens cap to go on the UV filter and now the 1.45X teleconverter snaps on and off without constant removal of the step up ring! This camera is so good that I did not sell it to partly pay for my new Uzi. I keep the camera because the picture quality is really excellent and some pictures come out better than the Uzi.


My wife still struggles to get it to focus in poor light but there are tricks to get around this shortfall. The 620 dealt with the long write times to the smartmedia.

Olympus D-600L
1 megapixels • 1.8 screen • 36 – 110 mm (3.1×)
Announced: Sep 10, 1997
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