Casio QV-4000 review

Started Sep 1, 2002 | User reviews
Johannes L Schreiner New Member • Posts: 2
Casio QV-4000 review

I bought the QV4000 two months ago, using it for archive recording, www and "parallel photography" only. I will not dare to try a comparision with a good 35mm SLR or a rollfilm photocamera. I's a fine digital cam, but still not a replacement for common chemical photography. A high quality print of a 4Mpix tif picture at 20x30cm is not recommended... but if You stay at 13x18cm the casio- pics very close to a "real" photo!
What makes me a bit sad are these facts:

- Photographing outside? In bright light? Oh, get a sunshade for the LCD immediately. I bought this one: (there are mutiple brands and models, which may fit even with a magnifier). Poor LCD is not a QV-4000-only problem, but it's small LCD is not the brightest at all.

-Energy consumption! Keep more than a single reserve of each 4 NIMH accus in Your pocket. Keep 'em fresh and full! You will need them! Even switching of the LCD will not help much... Using a Microdrive and flashlight will not get You more than 50 photos in worst case.

- Flash: its Power is low, considering the "only 100 ISO" sensitivity of the camera You should have a seperate, powerful flash unit for inside photography. That's why the casio has it's external flash plug!
And, however it takes a while to load the internal flash and reduces the life of the accumulators once more...

-Think first if You can handle the ISO 100 only. Get a tripod! Taking pics with 1/8sec. at f2.0 is not always a good solution... The image quality of the canon lens decreases visibly fom f4 to brighter...

-The manual focus is hard to control. Nice idea, but you'll need a magnifier lens on the LCD to use it (available for the screenshade!).

-The features: good, but for me a bit too many... No one will may this all, but You learn fast to ignore the "automatics", especially the "bestshot mode" - The strenght of this camera lies in the very good and precise manual modes.

After all this sounds like i'm a bit unhappy with it.
But I'm not- I knew and know that there's no better digicam for below 700 EUROs actually available here, and it's worth each cent of it, if You keep in mind, what it can and what it cannot do. I was deciding between the Canon G2 and the Casio QV 4000 and I took the casio beause it fills nearly all my digicam needs and serves it's purpose (and, well: because the Canon was 300 Euros more expensive).
The only thing I begin to miss is a better zoom range... 3x is o.k, but it could me a bit more for my needs.


... no problems at all, but
real "cons" may be:

- zoom range only 3x
- energy consumption
- poor lens quality @ f2.0
- 100 ISO sensitivity only
- weak internal flash
- too many features

Casio QV-4000
4 megapixels • 1.8 screen • 34 – 102 mm (3×)
Announced: Jun 22, 2001
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