HP Photosmart 812 review

Started Sep 29, 2002 | User reviews
Thomas Quinlan Junior Member • Posts: 32
HP Photosmart 812 review

I have had this camera for four months now, and overall I am pleased.

It lacks any manual controls, which is a strong point for people looking
for ultimate ease of use, but frustrating if you want the extra control
and don't mind learning how to use it.

It takes awesome closeups in my opinion, (see
http://www.vistudios.com/photos/ for samples).

I am frustrated with the battery life. Two dozen shots would be a
stretch on my 812, but I like using the "live view" since the lens is
offset from the viewfinder. Rechargeable batteries are a MUST for this
camera unless you own stock in a battery company. I may call hp about
this as I've read reviews that give the battery life of this camera a good
report. Maybe mine is defective.

The screen is very difficult, if not impossible, to see in daylight, but
indoors it is remarkable.

Overall, this is a great family camera. My wife and kids have taken some
super pictures with no training on how to use it, but I would not
recommend it for anyone considering themselves a photographer.


Frequently, I have to take the batteries out in order to make the
camera turn on. This is annoying because the date has to be reset
even if you reinsert the batteries within seconds.
(Update: 10.14.02: I exchanged my original 812 with a new one and
the problem with the camera turning on is gone. It is now working

HP Photosmart 812
4 megapixels • 1.5 screen • 37 – 111 mm (3×)
Announced: Jan 9, 2002
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