Olympus D-490 Zoom (C990Z) review

Started Oct 5, 2002 | User reviews
Don Stypula New Member • Posts: 4
Olympus D-490 Zoom (C990Z) review


I bought this as my second digital camera. It worked great and captured some very sharp images. Nice feature set and good feel. Then, without warning, it stopped working. I take exceptional care of my cameras, so I was stunned when the camera would not turn on when I engage the sliding lens hood. I followed the instructiions for non-responding cameras posted on the Olympus web site, but the camera will still not work. Checked with my local authorized Olympus retailer and they said it would cost a minimum of $250 to diagnose and repair the camera. NO WAY!

I'm done with Olympus! This evening I purchased an inexpensive Sony DSC P-31 for my daughter. It works great and takes outstanding photos. It is the fourth Sony digicam that we now own. A high-end Sony will be in this house by Christmas.


Meticulously cared for camera failed after less than a year. The camera will no longer turn on and Olympus wants $250 to make it right. No more Olympus cameras in my well-stocked camera bag!

Olympus D-490 Zoom (C990Z)
2 megapixels • 1.8 screen • 35 – 105 mm (3×)
Announced: Aug 1, 2000
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