Olympus C-2 review

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Olympus C-2 review

OK.....Its a point and shoot. and a damned fine one at that!

However, most functions can be overridden to more or less reach the functionality of a traditional basic SLR.

BUT!....each time you open and close the lens cover (also doubles as the on/off) the camera defaults back to the fully auto mode. This is a feature I like.

I did a foundation course that included photography and I also owned a nice 35mmSLR which my dog ate in 1997. David Baily'izms aside I have always intended to try out the manual overides of the C-2 but....hey! lifes too short! and the auto pics have all came out admirably.

I bought this from digitaldepot.co.uk as a refurbished unit (probably a catalogue return or something) and it was in mint condition fully warrented as new for £120 and that included a spare 64mb smart media card. over the past year camera prices have actually gone up! so expect to pay arround £160 new today.

Its 2megapixel at an affordable price. but I find that the autofocus is a bit clunky, slow and possibly slightly out at times. This is easily zapped up by using 'irfanview' (do a search for it). The macro mode by contrast is FANTASTIC !

It came with no case but I found that the thermos coke can soft case at fifty pence from poundstretcher the worlds best bargain as its waterproof, insulated, padded and has a section that holds two spare batteries perfectly! hurrah! c-2 also fits very snug into it

The lcd screen is excellent quality and I find the transfer software plain, simple and void of hassle. you just treat the camera as a new disk drive to the PC.

If you want a respectable quality image at a great price, can make do without an optical zoom this is the camera to go for. Thats what I searched for and was pleased to find!

Battery power. hmm. You NEED to buy 4 rechargeble bateries. I 'think' Olympus miscalculated the alarm time before the battery time appears to run out (red). ie. After the camera 'locks up' apparently out of power, this is not the case. This is simply a safeguard as much power is still available to upload your images from camera to PC. Time before lockup seems to overcompensate for this scenario.

Which is Good!

This is the cheaper camera that your friend bought that provides better pictures than your own camera and is quicker to use. unless you own it yourself that is.

Its really compact, the flash dosnt stick out and you'll never loose the lens cover.

Get it while its still in production


The manual is full of words, throw it away.

Olympus C-2
2 megapixels • 1.5 screen • 36 mm
Announced: Sep 13, 2001
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