Kodak DC3200 review

Started Oct 8, 2002 | User reviews
Peter Davison New Member • Posts: 2
Kodak DC3200 review

I have used the the DC3200 for 18months. The on off switch stands proud and so regularly switches on and discharges batteries. There is no lens cap. It eats batteries (20 shots for 4) and I have found the flash to be very poor i.e. always get over exposed shots. I now put my finger over part of the flash window. Its not very scientific but generally gives a better result.


Battery door quickly broke (cheap plastic. I use gaffa tape.
Otherwise quite reliable. Am waiting for it to die so that I can justify buying a better camaera.

Kodak DC3200
1 megapixels • 1.6 screen • 39 mm
Announced: Sep 23, 2000
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