Olympus D-510 Zoom (C-200 Zoom) review

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Olympus D-510 Zoom (C-200 Zoom) review

-Great point-n-shoot camera
-Easy to use features

Bought the D-510 on ebay - $199 with a camerabag and 64mb card

-Battery life is great. people that own this camera dont really know that other expensive digi cams eat batteries like crazy. not the 510. i was charging the batteries on my digital SLR olympus camera 4 or 5 times while my d-510 was still on the first set of batteries. that is a huge difference in battery life.

TIPS for Beginners:
-with the lens open, double clicking the screen button will open your saved pictures (no need to close the door lens)

-If you take a lot of pics, you can save the good ones instead of manually erasing the bad pics one by one. there are always more bad than good ones. to save the good ones use the green protection key, then use erase all, and all the bad pics are gone and the protected pics are still there.
hope that didnt sound complicated? that is a great way to save useful disk space especially if you have a small mb card

-if you use the format button, All pics will be gone including the protected ones.

-the book manual is a quick start-up guide but the CD manual has everything you need to know. use the CD

Here are some really great examples:





-door scratches the body.... back to the drawing board olympus corp.

-8mb smart media card... consider it FREE with your camera and use it for 360 panorama shots

-i read people complaining about the LCD screen. this really isn't a problem. it just a viewer like your TV set or computer monitor. it gets dirty, so just wipe it.

Olympus D-510 Zoom (C-200 Zoom)
2 megapixels • 1.8 screen • 35 – 105 mm (3×)
Announced: May 8, 2001
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