Sony Cyber-shot DSC-P7 review

Started Dec 27, 2002 | User reviews
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chic971 New Member • Posts: 2
Sony Cyber-shot DSC-P7 review

For a beginner photographer this is the camera to use. I am pretty happy with it, just read the user manual to figure what all the buttons are for and off you go. Picture quality is great. To change all the options is easy.


Deleting pictures: wish there was a button to select a few pictures and delete all at once instead of individually one by one. Once you upload onto your computer it's okay and you can just reformat the memory stick but other than that you have to press the enter button like 3 times?

Software that went with the camera: Don't bother trying to use it. it's stupid and doesn't work and you have too many problems with it. Use some freeware off the cnet site or something. It'll avoid frustration. I just uninstalled mine.

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-P7
3 megapixels • 1.5 screen • 39 – 117 mm (3×)
Announced: May 29, 2002
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