HP Photosmart 620 review

Started Dec 31, 2002 | User reviews
songlady New Member • Posts: 2
HP Photosmart 620 review

Enough features to give it some flexiblity, yet simple enough for a beginner to understand - doesn't overwhelm you. User manual easy and short enough to get started right away. Download to computer easy and fast - and almost self explainatory when you get there.


When images are saved, they are 8x10 - a little grainy and too big to see if you open them without the software or post them directly to the net. You have resize them before you save them. I find this annoying.

HP Photosmart 620
2 megapixels • 1.5 screen • 36 – 102 mm (2.8×)
Announced: Jul 2, 2002
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