Sony Mavica CD400 review

Started Jan 5, 2003 | User reviews
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Sony Mavica CD400 review

This is my second Mavica. The first was the FD83, the floppy disk version. I loved that camera and was not certain that any camera could impress me as well as that one did.

I was wrong.

This new camera is fantastic! The pictures it takes are only slightly worse than you'd get with a film camera. The features are easy to use and well set-up. I highly recommend this camera for anyone who has a little knowledge of photography. The aperature and shutter speed settings are easy to use and well thought-out. The ability of the camera to capture on a mini CD-R (which are cheap at only a couple of bucks each). Plus, it features something that I wish had been on the floppy disk Mavica: the ability to review the pictures and zoom in on them to see them as you will on a computer screen. That *really* helps to tell if the picture is slightly out-of-focus.
The camera also has a new slew of features not available on the floppy disk Mavica, such as the multiple-image capture feature. One uses the video feature to capture up to 16 images at 30 frames a second. Thus if you want to capture a fast moving image, this is the way to do it.

Battery life is nothing to be ashamed of. My first battery provided well over 2 hours of life. I've since bought a spare, along with an external charger (rant on that below).

One of the nicest features is its low-light ability. If you need to take pictures in near-dark, such as Christmas lights in a dark room, this camera will work wonders.

The macro feature also is great, since it will take a nice, crisp picture at up to 4 cm (about 1.5 inches).

I highly recommend this camera to anyone looking for a digital camera with *some* professional features.


* Camera takes 5 seconds between shots.
* It takes too long between pressing the button and actually snapping the picture.
* Batteries are EXPEN$IVE!
* Included battery charger requires the battery to be in the camera, meaning you can't charge and use the camera at the same time. (What idiot thought of *that* idea?!?)

Sony Mavica CD400
4 megapixels • 2.5 screen • 34 – 102 mm (3×)
Announced: Feb 20, 2002
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