Minolta DiMAGE 2300 review

Started Jan 5, 2003 | User reviews
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Minolta DiMAGE 2300 review

Overall the 2300 was good value for money. I bought it for 215 GBP when most other 2.3 mega pixel cameras were > 300 GBP. You can see some of my photographs at http://bsdbox.homeunix.com.

However, having used the camera for 18 months, I have become frustrated with a few minor design flaws. Firstly, the 2300 battery life is poor. I have resorted to using Nickel Hydride (Ni MH) rechargeable batterries - these give a few days frequent use (avoiding use of the LCD preview screen).

I have also found a noticeable degree of 'pincushion' effect on bright outdoor photos (particularly with sky backdrops - the image becoming darker at the edges).

The biggest frustration has to be the poor indoor performance of the flash. It has a very small effective range (usually about five feet) and the resulting pictures are under-exposed. To address this, I have to alter the ISO setting to high and set the exposure setting to +1.5. However, the camera does not retain these settings when it is switched off! The red-eye setting also has to be manually selected each time the camera is powered up, making indoor photography very slow and cumbersome.

As I said at the beginning of this review I've had good value for money, but the lack of configuration retention and poor indoor performance of the camera is a major problem to me. You also have to question Minolta's dubious product support policy (no software updates for the image transfer software). I'll be purchasing a new camera this year - and it won't be a Minolta.


* - Poor battery life.
* - Under-exposed indoor shots.
* - Slight optical pincushion on outdoor shots.
* - Inability to retain current camera configuration.
* - No Software updates for 2000/XP - dubious policy.

Minolta DiMAGE 2300
2 megapixels • 1.8 screen • 38 mm
Announced: Jun 24, 2000
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