Konica KD-300 Zoom review

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Konica KD-300 Zoom review

I wonder if it´s my screen and printer, or if my particular KD300 is (was!) the cause, but I am NOT at all amused by the image quality and features of this camara. I bought the camara when it was just on the shelves in Holland (dunno when...) and had in Latin America ever since, because I live here. Lost it 2 months ago, stolen...

I liked (and I still like) the camara for it´s nice and tiny, no thingies that can break of if it´s in your pocket, the sturdy metallic case. Still the rocking switch didn´t convince me from the beginning and the power button turns on while carrying around.

The LCD screen takes quite a while to switch on, together with the lens coming out, it takes mostly like 5 seconds. As pointed out before, battery life is VERY poor (500 mAh) and the battery is propietary so stock up as soon as you buy (and be prepared for the costs.)

One thing I didn´t read about in these reviews before is the stupid fact that if you take pictures in maximum zoom, maximum digital zoom, you only can select the NORMAL (1024-768pixels) resolution, so it´s impossible to take digital zoom, blow up a little and crop your picture. Say bye to wildlife-pictures...

Customer support is a complete SH... When I temporarely lost my AC-charger in an Ecuador hotel-room, I tried to contact Konica US about buying a new one. Not possible they said, and no dealers in all of Latin America at all. They took the effort though to point out that IF I decided to use another brand (specifically RadioShack...) warranty would be lost etc... VERY HELPFUL INDEED!!!!! (huh?). Thank God I got my charger back... The SD/MMC cards are still pretty comon (how long?) and I did not find them outrageously expensive (even Compact Flash is expensive in Bolivia...) but a little difficult to find. I like the fact it ships with the SD-card-reader, uploading pictures is real fun in Windows XP with Photoshop attached.

But the most important complaint is about the bleuish hue in most outdoor pictures (at least in the auto-mode). As manual setting of white-balance is burried deep in the menu, most users will stick with this one, most skin tones are very pale, red-tiled roofs look cement-like a.s.f. It can be personal preference as I started to like the warm colours of the SONY´s or even the more neutral CANON´s, but I notice this hue even in this site´s galleries.

Strangely this disappears if you use the (pretty weak) flash in all outdoor pictures, off course this leaves no possibility to play with fixed apertures as well and your battery will be dead after less than 30 minutes.

And I don´t know how other camara´s deal with the half-push-autofocus/complete-push-take-picture buttons (seem to be pretty comon) but if I hand the camara over to other persons, rarely any picture comes out clear.

So the bottom line is, a cute point-and-shooter if size is your main concern, but check image quality and your desired features thouroughly.



Bleuish hue, zoom/resolution, problems, BATTERY LIFE, poor customer service...

Konica KD-300 Zoom
3 megapixels • 1.5 screen • 38 – 76 mm (2×)
Announced: May 29, 2001
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