Agfa ePhoto 1280 review

Started Feb 10, 2003 | User reviews
SusanS Forum Member • Posts: 54
Agfa ePhoto 1280 review

This was the first digicam I owned (though I had used plenty before I bought my own). I bought the 1280 because of the trusted name in professional (rather than amatuer photography) AGFA. I knew from using other 1280 digicams that were around at the time, to not buy a Kodak, Casio, Epson etc. I owned it for about 24 months.

Excellent sharp photos, even blown up to 8x10's. I didn't realize how good till I used some other newer cameras at work and my Agfa was always better. Swivel body worked out ok. Night time light gathering capability was real good.


OK so it was a battery eater! And after a while the battery door became loose and sometimes jumped off.

The mail reason I sold my Agfa was that the firmware only recognized up to a 32? or 64?mb memory card, limiting the number of pictures you could store.

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