Kodak DCS620 review

Started Mar 15, 2003 | User reviews
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Kodak DCS620 review

Based on the Nikon F5 Body (the mutha of all 35mm) the 620 is very robust. It's metal chasis and very nice rubber grips offer a superbly built camera. Function is intuitive. Some programing is not-so intuitive. Image quality at 2 megapixels thru Nikkor lenses is excellent, however... a retrofit to upgrade to 6 megapixels would be nice. I purchased the camera used through Precision Camera.com at $1400 USD. While the camera overall is exceptional... it's still a $1400 2 megapixel camera.


I really have to be nitpicky here. The 620 has some drawbacks, but none that really hinder it's shooting capability. Some programming menus can be confusing, but with the 'cheat' cards included... things can be sorted out very quickly. The F5 body is massive, hence some frequently used controls are out of reach if the user has small hands. Finnally, the learning curve for someone not experienced with Pro cameras can be daunting.

Kodak DCS620
2 megapixels • APS-C sensor
Announced: Feb 3, 1999
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