Agfa ePhoto CL18 review

Started Mar 16, 2003 | User reviews
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Agfa ePhoto CL18 review

Good VGA (640x480) resolution for a CMOS camera at under $100. (I paid $10). Only CCD sensor cameras beat it. Nice features for the price. Can take images under normal room lighting if camera on solid support to avoid movement. Does not take night pictures (e.g. outdoors). Flash does not take into account subject distance, so best shots are at about 4-6 feet. A worthwhile improvement can be made by downloading Irfanview viewer and using it's settings to sharpen (1 or 2 clicks) and occasionally increase Gamma (to about 1.20). Also, download the TWAIN driver for the RCA CDS1005 camera: it works much better than the Agfa one, and it does deletes much faster(camera appears as a removeable drive and you don't need the Corel software to download or delete). You also don't need an AC converter or battery power when downloading or using as a Webcam. It powers itself off the USB (see comments below in "Problems").


USB cover does get in the way somewhat when attaching cable. Takes a while to remember how to delete pictures in camera and how to change from NTSC to PAL for TV out, without referring to the manual. Pictures are not quite in focus at the edges, even after sharpening, but this is a very inexpensive camera now. The belt loop on the case tends to tear easily. You must use a powered hub if you don't connect to an internal USB port (uses 500ma). I posted a few sample images at

Agfa ePhoto CL18
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Announced: Apr 12, 2000
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