Sony Mavica CD200 review

Started Mar 24, 2003 | User reviews
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Sony Mavica CD200 review

Good camera. I am satisifed with performance.

Large LCD is good.

Image quality is fabulous especially with flash or daylight and not that bad even without flash. Performs well in low-light situations w/ flash.

Image resolution is more than sufficient for web.

Navigation is not cumbersome. Good control options.

Manual photo controls helpful.

Movie clip feature is useful.

I like Cd-r/rw media is convenient.

I use it a bit (perhaps too obsessively!).


Trouble installing Direct CD. PC would crash and automatically restart nearly 1 min after logging into win200.
So for the first few weeks, I had to actually "finalize the cd" on the camera than take it to the cd drive on my pc before I could figure out what was wrong with it Turned out to be conflicting software.

CD Read/Write time takes time perhaps about at least 3-10 seconds longer than what might be expected from other media. So it may be a good way to develop your patience occasionally

Picture-to-picture shot after about two consecutive shots
suffers a little and takes time (for writing cd), not instantaneous, particularly with high resolution settings.
So seeing the images after you've shot them takes a little time.

Once, w/ a cd-rw dic, I've had taken pictures that were written. And cd would not read playback images that had been written on that cd.

Low-res mpeg settings play video back on a small window
(rather than filling up the LCD). If we could adjust the window size of the mpg when played back that would be cool.

An mpeg setting with unlimited video length would be nice.

White Balance does need to be set when photographing in different environments otherwise surrealist images result.

An optical viewfinder would be more energy efficient and helpful (in bright environments)..

Wouldn't it be fabulous if this camera could play back mpegs and other types of video files and images that have not been taken by the camera itself. And so double as an personal entertainment device.

Camera is a relatively big and not as compact when compared to other cameras in using other media formats. So, it makes me think twice about where I am bringing it.

Smaller camera w/ fast cd-rw writing and reading capablities and great images and ease of use in shooting and transfer of medium is ideal for me. This camera takes a nice step in that direction. But as always there are areas that can be improved.

Sony Mavica CD200
2 megapixels • 2.5 screen • 39 – 117 mm (3×)
Announced: Feb 28, 2001
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