Samsung Digimax 410 review

Started May 18, 2003 | User reviews
Henrik Hjerppe New Member • Posts: 2
Samsung Digimax 410 review

This is my first digital camera and the only one I have ever used. I've had the camera for about 6 months now. Image quality is good, and the construction feels fairly sturdy. The camera is easy to use. Good $/Mp ratio.

The worst thing about this camera is speed. This camera is _SLOW_! Switching power on, auto focusing and zooming take forever. Not much chance of getting pictures of your friends smiling, as they will get bored and go away before the AF locks Also, it would be nice to have AF assist light and an option for 3 megapixel pictures (2 and 4 megapix available). The "2X digital zoom" is of no use: it only works at the end of optical zoom and gives you 2X or nothing.


The camera took a little hit once, it hit the door while hanging from my wrist. One of the battery connection plates apparently bent, and the camera wouldn't turn on. I managed to bend the plate back. No problems after or before that.

Samsung Digimax 410
4 megapixels • 1.6 screen • 34 – 102 mm (3×)
Announced: Feb 25, 2002
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