Canon EOS 10D review

Started May 22, 2003 | User reviews
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Canon EOS 10D review

An excellent camera for the price. I can not say enough good things about this camera. I would recommend it to anyone considering it.
This is my first DSLR. The main surprises for me were:
- The weight -- heavy compared to an SLR.
- Limited Dynamic Range -- not as good as a slide -- Fuji DSLRs offer better dynamic range.
- AF slightly inconsistent -- USM/HSM lenses are important to overide the AF.
- I did not give it a 5 on construction because it is not a full height camera, requiring the use of the portrait grip.
- Missing the Spot metering -- an intentional defeaturing by Canon to force people to buy more expensive models.
- 1.6x crop factor is annoying.


The camera is heavy and keeping it steady seems to be an issue. I have to use 1/4f instead of 1/f as the rule of thumb to not get camera shake. Apparently it also has something to do with pixel size.

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Canon EOS 10D
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Announced: Feb 27, 2003
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