Samsung Digimax 130 review

Started Jun 22, 2003 | User reviews
Steven Clark New Member • Posts: 2
Samsung Digimax 130 review

This thing is by far the biggest waste of $130 I have ever spent. I thought to get it to take pictures of objects in an emergency for a school assignment and it's output in that application ranges from mediocre to absolutely craptastic. Even in sunlight or flash the output of this camera at even the highest resolution andf quality is unfitting of any application much less printing. In most situations it's noise filtering destroys all low-contrast detail while the on-camera sharpening oversharpens the remaining noise that gets through. The macro mode seems to do nothing to the foacl system, I don't even thing it HAS a focal system. It has to apertures, f2.8 and f8, the f8 accomplished by a mask that clicks in front of the lens. Flare is absolutley horrid. There are a few pictures it does well on, all the rest it chews, digests, and barfs on. If I had taken the time to get into it further I would have returned it. Now it is too late.


About 50/50 whether it will merely generate a mediocre picture or complete and total crap.

Samsung Digimax 130
1 megapixels • 1.6 screen • 43 mm
Announced: Jan 1, 2002
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