Olympus D-40 Zoom (C-40 Zoom) review

Started Jul 28, 2003 | User reviews
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Olympus D-40 Zoom (C-40 Zoom) review

This little masterpiece is my 3rd digital camera, and i'm extremely satisfied with it. I'm looking for a better one since a year, and i'm still not convinced that a better one has ever been made. The photos are excellent, and the flash modes are amazing... noiseless daylight-like pictures in perfect darkness. Also, storage time is very quick, and it takes just a few seconds to entirely download a full 128 MB worth of photos.

What i really love about this camera is its Computer connectivity. In windows XP, you can just plug it into any new computer, and use it as an external storage device without any additional software installation hassle. It is as much a music/data/video storage medium as a camera. When i have to take a 100 MB file with me to work, i transfer it to the camera and take it instead of writing it in a CD R. Its much quicker, more efficient and 'fun' to have your files in a camera!!

The 'MY mode' is the camera's best option unlike other cameras.. it allows complete manually adjustable features and you can save the values so you can use them consistently always. It suits your taste as you want your photos, and its always crisp and clear.


The video clips (quicktime) are really nice, but the only thing i didnt like is, it takes about 5-10 seconds to copy your video clip from the buffer to the smartmedia card immediately after you have shot it. It is regrettable where you need continuous video shoot of some 'happening' incidents... like the other time when i was filming at the first seat of the roller coaster, and when the first clip was over, it took a while before the camera was ready to shoot the next clip, and that missed the best part of the ride.

Another sad thing is that the camera doesnt support more than 128 MB Smart media.

Olympus D-40 Zoom (C-40 Zoom)
4 megapixels • 1.5 screen • 35 – 98 mm (2.8×)
Announced: Sep 2, 2001
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