Kyocera Finecam S4 review

Started Aug 8, 2003 | User reviews
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Kyocera Finecam S4 review

I have had the Kyocera S4 for a little over 18 months now - I bought it brand new when it was first available in the shops of London (£399.00 online)

The build quality is fantastic and there has been little or no noticeable damage to the casing or mechanisms in the time I have had it. This includes trips into the Arctic Circle, American Continent, Australasia etc - it has flown well over 100,000 miles since then and has been fine.

I have found my image quality to be better and better the more I have used it. Camera shake aside, the images are generally very clear, the colours fully saturated, and those I have printed have been of stunning clarity and colour.

The focusing mechanism is a little lazy and slow in low light and your distance to target may need to be modified by a small adjustment in either your position to target or zoom length to gain a quick focus. This can be troublesome - but by no means detracts from the camera enough to say it is a 'problem'

Once you have set your features, it can be a very useful point and shoot camera...

The Battery life can suffer if you do a lot of flash work...but generally, the battery will last a day (100-150 images) withouit needing a recharge...always remember to observe the golden rule and carry a spare battery - just in has saved my life on many occasions...not literally...

I love this camera and would recommend it to anyone wanting a small, 'good' picture taker...professionals need not apply as this will not satisfy your needs - but for thopse who want a good starter camera - I can't think of anything better...

As mentioned in an earlier review - the price has come down due to the S5 being available - though for me, a quick comparison leads me to keep my S4 due to it's better 'RAW' image quality ability and a few other things...

Anyway - happy shooting...

Kyocera Finecam S4
4 megapixels • 1.5 screen • 35 – 105 mm (3×)
Announced: Feb 20, 2002
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