Casio QV-700 review

Started Nov 4, 2003 | User reviews
CharlyD New Member • Posts: 5
Casio QV-700 review

If only CASIO would take this camera, and with NO changes except update the resolution, and add a telephoto, a million would be sold.

It was my first DIGITAL, and it seems it will be my last. I have tried several of the "state of the art" current crop, and have found them all lacking.

I just returned a CANON A80...Completely UNSATISFACTORY.


I have encountered absolutely NO problems in the 5 years using the camera. I have taken, literally, thousands of photos, and have had no malfunctions. Battery life has been exceptional, getting 2-3 hundred shots per set of batteries.

Come on CASIO...give us another as good

Casio QV-700
0 megapixels • 2.5 screen • 38 mm
Announced: Sep 9, 1997
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OP CharlyD New Member • Posts: 5
Re: Casio QV-700 review

You'll not get an argument from me. I got my first 700QV in June 1998, a second a year later. I still use the first one regularly, and the other I keep in the car in case of need.

It has feature that no other can match... just needs higher resolution, but seldom really needed. HAve a CASIO TRY X when high resolution is needed.


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