Konica KD-510 Zoom review

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Konica KD-510 Zoom review

I'll start this mini-review off by stating that I'm not a newcomer to digital photography, I've owned a Fuji 6900 for 2 1/2 years and have also used various other digital camera,s such as the Nikin 775, Olympus Mju400, Sony S75, Canon A40, Sony F717.

Now that's over with, I purchased a Konica 510z (same camera as the US Minolta G500) as I was looking for a small, pocketable digital camera that would produce high quality photo's. I read what reviews I could find, and this seemed like a winner.

How wrong I was.

The only positives I can credit this camera with are fast startup (less than 1.5 sec from power on to ready to use), low shutter lag (after focus was achieved), well made, stylish design and decent lcd screen.

The 510z struggles badly to focus in any indoor light conditions whether the lens is set to wideangle or telephoto. By indoor lighting I mean during the day, near a large window and with internal lights on to brighten the scene as much as possible.

I also tried the fixed focus settings of 1m, 2m and 4m with poor results, only the 1m and 2m settings proved decent (I measured distance with a measuring tape, and was taking a photo of a brightly lit cabinet with high contrast areas).

I also found that the flash had a tendency to fire too strongly, causing inaccurate colours and bleaching of light objects.

I found the camera very difficult to hold steady with shutter speed at 1/4 second, something I have little problem doing with my older Fuji 6900.

The camera is supplied with a very poor manual, to access the full manual it must be printed from the included CD.

The user interface is poor to begin with, but following Jim's (other reviewer's) recommended settings enhances useability greatly.

There is very limited aperture variation, it's either max (4.9) or minimum (2.8).

I returned the 510z to my local Jessops store, as I could not live with the results. I only spent 1.5 days or so with the 510z, but as I have achieved reasonable results from every other digital camera I have used within hours I felt that was sufficient, particularly as the 510z is marketed as a "point and shoot" model.


Very poor indoor performance, the worst from any digital camera I have used.

Flash does not (in my experience) 'throttle' back sufficiently for macro photographs. For instance the F717 makes a far better job of adjusting flash strength to avoid ruining the photo.

Konica KD-510 Zoom
5 megapixels • 1.5 screen • 39 – 117 mm (3×)
Announced: Jun 3, 2003
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