Sony Cyber-shot DSC-P52 review

Started Dec 19, 2003 | User reviews
Benjamin Lambe New Member • Posts: 2
Sony Cyber-shot DSC-P52 review

This is an excellent camera for the price (£150) and comes with all the extras you need to get started, and the rechargeable batteries last ages once fully charged.

I would recommend this camera to anyone who is on a budget yet wants a decent camera and you cant really go wrong with Sony.


1. As it can only save as a jpeg file format it keeps file size down, yet seems to degrade the quality a bit, as i have taken pictures where the colours have gone funny, especially white and it is not as sharp as you may want from a 3.1 MegaPixel camera.

2. No tutorials on the web (if you have one can you post it up please) for using this camera as the manual is pretty bad for this if you want to do it manually. as if you have fast moving objects, or even walking people it tends to blur as it takes ages to focus in, especially on a high quality setting.

3. When i take pictures with the flash they all look funny, weird colours.

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-P52
3 megapixels • 1.6 screen • 41 – 82 mm (2×)
Announced: Feb 24, 2003
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