Pentax Optio 430RS review

Started Dec 23, 2003 | User reviews
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Pentax Optio 430RS review

I bought this camera for £249 (uk) when most places were listing
around £300. The first thing to say is that the cameras build quality
, size and photographers features were great for the money.
However the picture quality was very "noisy" when looked at
closley , although i admit this was not as obvious when printed out.
But i still think that the pictures were poor for a 4 million pixel
camera , no matter what setting you put it on (ie: 100 iso etc as
people have said in reviews) , although the results were better
when the sharpness was set to the lowest setting. The results from
my previous Kodak CX4300 3.2 million pixel camera were at least
as good if not better. The flash was nice and powerful however and
the manual overide for shutter speed and apature were excellent.
The movie mode was not worth bothering with but battery life was
good. I did some back to back tests with a friends Canon Ixus 2 and
the results were far superior despite the lack of manual features
compared to the Pentax. I took the Pentax back and changed it for
the Ixus and i have not looked back since (apart from the manual
overide!) but don't get me wrong , the Pentax is a great all round
camera that will produce good prints , just don't look to closley at
them on screen.



Pentax Optio 430RS
4 megapixels • 1.6 screen • 37 – 111 mm (3×)
Announced: Jun 3, 2002
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