Minolta DiMAGE Z1 review

Started Dec 29, 2003 | User reviews
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Minolta DiMAGE Z1 review

Got it 3 days ago, been playing with it ever since. I liked how many features it had (10x optical zoom was one of them). Apart from the features, it was good to hold although maybe the zoom switch could have been closer (or infront) of the shutter release button. Moreover, when I first held it, it didn't feel very solid - more like a toy, probably could have made more parts out of metal. The lens slightly moves, however does not really seem that problematic.

Very fast to startup (virtually instantaneous and can start taking photos immediately). A few reviews talked about Chromatic aberration however I was not deterred by it.


Chromatic aberration - only when set on auto, on 3 images. 2 in broad daylight and 1 using the flash. The 2 in broad daylight were from chrome parts of the grille of a car. The other one was taking a shot of a fountain at night (with flash).

LCD shutter protector jammed!! I am hopefully getting a replacement today (don't want it to be fixed). Not sure if this is a common problem, but it is extremely troublesome having to preview my images in the viewfinder.

Minolta DiMAGE Z1
3 megapixels • 1.5 screen • 38 – 380 mm (10×)
Announced: Aug 7, 2003
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