Pentax *ist D review

Started Mar 1, 2004 | User reviews
blue mountains aussie New Member • Posts: 2
Pentax *ist D review

Have had this camera for about 5 months and have had heaps of fun. I have taken about 5000 plus shots. Most shots have been action shots, sports. I am using old manual focus lenes F4 300mm and a F2.8 135mm. Because the ist doesn't match these lenes properly I have had to bend the aperature arm on the lenes. The end result is the aperature is completely manual.


Same complaint as everybody. The CF door and removing the CF card from the camera. The more I have used the camera the easier the card comes out.
I have had the camera completely lock up on me. The only thing that would get it to work again was to remove the batteries then put them back in.

Pentax *ist D
6 megapixels • 1.8 screen • APS-C sensor
Announced: Feb 26, 2003
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