Minolta DiMAGE X20 review

Started Jun 29, 2004 | User reviews
Sean Bean New Member • Posts: 4
Minolta DiMAGE X20 review

This is a good camera for a beginner or for someone who always wants to carry a camera around with ease. I really like the design of this camera, as it is very lightweight, yet feels nice and solid when you are using it (the memory card slot design is cool..at least to me it is). The performance of it impressed me as well. For a 2 megapixel camera that is so portable it has good image quality and even a decent movie mode. Somehow you hardly even notice there is no optical viewfinder, and you are able to take good pictures even though there is no protruding lens.


This camera is a little slow, especially if you want to take a few shots in a row with the flash on. One thing I can honestly say needs improvement is the menu system. This seems to be just a general problem with all Minoltas. It's not like it's unusable, just annoying.

Minolta DiMAGE X20
2 megapixels • 1.6 screen • 37 – 111 mm (3×)
Announced: Jul 17, 2003
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