Olympus D-40 Zoom (C-40 Zoom) review

Started Jul 2, 2004 | User reviews
Robert Schroeder
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Olympus D-40 Zoom (C-40 Zoom) review

Two years ago, two decades after I started off with an ancient, fully manual SLR (a Minolta SR-1) when I was sixteen, I chose the C-40 Zoom (as the D-40 is labelled in Europe) to become my first digital camera. That was after some experience with a C-2000Z and a C-3030Z which i had borrowed from friends a couple of times. Two years and 4,000 pictures later I'm still very satisfied. Whatever my next model will be, either a full-featured "prosumer" camera or a digital SLR, I will keep the C-40 for its combination of compactness and image quality. It's main advantage is that it fits into most pockets, and no "big" camera can make up for that.

The batteries last quite long if you use nowadays' NiMH type batteries with 2000 mAh or above, and I haven't experienced significant chromatic aberrations like those mentioned in the review.

The camera leaves, for my purposes, only very few things to wish for. First of all, there could have been a closer macro setting, it's only 13 to 20 cm (for wide-angle and tele respectively). The camera could be quicker powering up. It's a pity it was designed to use Smartmedia cards only (as far as I know it's the last Olympus which was) so that 128 MB is the maximum capacity per card, although that can be easily overcome by simply carrying a couple of cards along.

So, all in all, the small C-40 is the reason why after two years I still don't see a pressing need to upgrade my digital photographic equipment to something more sophisticated - I'll bide my time and wait for prices to drop a bit further....


Nothing worth mentioning...

Olympus D-40 Zoom (C-40 Zoom)
4 megapixels • 1.5 screen • 35 – 98 mm (2.8×)
Announced: Sep 2, 2001
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