Olympus C-730 UZ review

Started Jul 13, 2004 | User reviews
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Olympus C-730 UZ review

An OK camera for the money, this SLR achieves a resonable compromise on features and is appropriate for moderate spenders or new digital users. I've had this camera for a year now, and am still mostly satisfied. But I will definitely upgrade to a better level in the future as the problems (see below) can be irritating.

The 10x zoom is very effective in bright light. You will be hard pressed to find similar zooms for the money. This is really the only reason someone should buy an Olympus 7xx Camedia.

The size is smaller than a regular SLR, but this is (I feel) an advantage.

In summary, a good family/novice camera for use on vacations or events. Stay away if you need high speed or dim light capability.


The zoom lens has a cheap "loose" feel construction, but it doesn't seem to impare the function.

It has a slow shooting/focusing speed. The camera functioned poorly at both a recent graduation and wedding because of this - I just couldn't get it to take the picture before the subject moved out of the frame.

It eats batteries, but this may be unavoidable as zooming takes a lot of power. But the 4 AA capability is nice because you can substitute store-bought on the fly if you really need it.

The camera has a hard time in dim lighting, even with a flash. Photos occasionally exhibit a lot of noise by comparison with some newer cameras.

Some reviewers have remarked that the flash is weak, but I actually thought it washed out faces, and I routinely turn the flash power down for indoor shooting.

You should seriously consider using a tripod for anything other than bright daytime shots. Low light far zoom shots will almost certainly be fuzzy.

Olympus C-730 UZ
3 megapixels • 1.5 screen • 38 – 380 mm (10×)
Announced: Sep 12, 2002
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