Canon PowerShot A310 review

Started Jul 21, 2004 | User reviews
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Canon PowerShot A310 review

Recently purchased my A310, then run sample photos. Results turned out as expected. First thing noticed was the lack of dials to turn.

Nearly all adjustments/changes are made with the omni-selector button on the back. The flash card & battery compartments are in located under one door.

In auto mode, the A310 produces sharp pictures, inside & outdoors. The flash is limited to 7 ft, but remember this isn't a big-buck camera. Macro results are very pleasing, with the flash adjusting quite well, up to 8 inches. Closer than that, the photos were oversaturated. In the manual mode, the camera is at its best, allowing most adjustments, but not focus.

Considering the cost, Canon has produced a winner. As with any digi-cam, use good rechargeable batteries, and purchase a 128 mb or higher compact flash card.

This is a good ''pocketable'' camera, designed for ease of use, great for the whole family, and as a second for your primary high-priced camera.

The A310 is a ''fun'' camera to vacation with, or take on those special trips to the zoo, park, or whatever, because of its point-an-shoot features a kid could use.

I paid $132.00, but noticed the prices are changing daily. Shop around, biggest advantage may be in shipping costs, as camera costs between major online resellers are fairly price consistant for the camera. Found best deals at &


Only problems, or dislikes, was the short 7 ft flash range, lack of a video out port, and wished for more adjustments in the auto mode.

Canon PowerShot A310
3 megapixels • 1.5 screen • 33 mm
Announced: Feb 9, 2004
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