Olympus C-730 UZ review

Started Jul 25, 2004 | User reviews
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Olympus C-730 UZ review

I have been using this cam for two years and its my first digicam. I am very satisfied with its colour reproduction which is just nice to my eyes out of the camera. So I don't do much post processing. At the time of purchase I was considering the Fuji S3800 but bought this cam instead becuase it has a more powerful falsh and has better construction compared to the Fuji. I might be keeping this camera until it lifespan comes to an end. Its a great camera but has a great learning curve and is very fun to use if you like to adventure through its sea of features. On the other hand, the AUTO mode is 100% fuss free point & shoot.If u give me a choice two years ago, I would still buy this cam becoz of its features and the price was unbeatable at the time of purchase.


There are a lot of drawbacks that have been sorted out by Olympus in the future models. Except for two which is the AF assist and also the vulnerability of dust to enter the lens. You have to get a lens tube and put on a UV filter to protect the lens. This of course makes the cam less compact but looks more profesional, at least for me. Other than that, picture quality on this cam is also average as opposed to the rest of the 3 MP batch but this has been sorted out by Olympus. This is because of the CCD size I think. Because of noise problems, we are bound to use only ISO 100 and ISO 64 is not in the menu but there is a way to get the camera software to select ISO 64. Chromatic Abberration or purple fringing is also a major concern with this cam since it does not have an Extra Dispersion lens like the C-740,C-750, C-760, C-765, and C-770.

Olympus C-730 UZ
3 megapixels • 1.5 screen • 38 – 380 mm (10×)
Announced: Sep 12, 2002
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