Minolta DiMAGE X20 review

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Minolta DiMAGE X20 review

When I got this camera (it was a bit of an impulse buy @ 76£ with a 128MB SD card) a few people said that I was useless, didn't have a strong flash, no OVF, without propitiatory battery no battery life & the images were so soft they're only good for the net. Hey this is an all-in-body camera that doesn't twist and has 3x zoom that fits in the top pocket of every shirt I own & not look like the bionic man, sure the images are soft but hey heard of USM filtering? Strength, 45%; diameter, 8.9px; threshold, 6 levels does the trick very nicely in PS Elements, thank you. As for battery life, I recently I've filled up two 256MB cards with video and then went on to take over 120 photos (~1/3 with flash) in the space of 3 hours on a single set of 2100mAh cells at an event. The flash is fairly under-powered however and the camera seems to think that it's stronger than it is beyond about 1m, this leads to surfaces like walls to become brighter than they should be compared to say a person, but that's not much of a problem just bump up the EV a notch or two. The only real issues are with the ergonomics, the little 3 way up, down & 'okay' toggle it's to easy to press up or down as well as 'okay', on the LCD some of the icons are less than intuitive as to what they are & I've liked to see not necessarily aperture or shutter speed control but someway to 'bias' towards larger aperture/faster shutter & smaller aperture/slower shutter compared to 'normal' (specially the former as the camera seems to be inclined to close the aperture and slow down the shutter speed, leading to a number of 'artistic' images). Let's face it, you're not going to get to upset about breaking the X20 even so it's a sturdy little critter and feels up to a fairly substantial amount of abuse, the all-in-body format certainly lends its self to this & the 'pop up' lenses cover is nice too. Personally I rarely leave home without it.


lack of any aperture/shutter speed control
'pop up' lense cover it a little easy to move
soft images/lense limited resoltion

Minolta DiMAGE X20
2 megapixels • 1.6 screen • 37 – 111 mm (3×)
Announced: Jul 17, 2003
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