Minolta DiMAGE G400 review

Started Oct 15, 2004 | User reviews
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Minolta DiMAGE G400 review

I have owned this camera for a couple months now, and the problems I have had, have all been reported here earlier. But don't hold your breath for Konica to fix them.
Auto focus is below average to poor - and if you can't count on a focused shot, you may as well give up. Macro is especially bad, you can sit re-aiming at your subject, refocussing, and never get a lock on your subject. Medium distance landscape shots are also often out of focus.
Exposure is constanly over-exposed, but that can be adjusted by going into manual mode, and dialling in a permanent -ev. Although the flash output does not seem to drop at close range enough, so those shots will also be terribly over-exposed.
The battery compartment lid will flip open if you look at it wrong. I dropped my battery in a river once when it opened up on me!
The little buttons do feel weak, and you just know they will break sometime.
Konica/Minolta needs to work on a firmware upgrade to fix at least the focus problem, but when I reported the problem via their web site, the reply was "No firmware revisions will be made." I guess you should never count on them to fix any firmware for any camera/defect - There goes one of the major advantages of a digital camera - the ability for a manufacturer to fix problems in the field with great ease.
On the plus, it is very small, and it is fast.

Minolta DiMAGE G400
4 megapixels • 1.5 screen • 34 – 101 mm (3×)
Announced: Oct 14, 2003
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